Counseling for College Students

College has its own set of struggles.

Realistically, the possibility of performing all expected obligations for academic, social, financial, and personal responsibilities is dim. The idea of shouldering all the stress with focus and balance is remote.

Still, you demand that you achieve it all no matter what the cost or fool yourself that you’ve got it while remaining disengaged.

It’s no surprise when old habits like procrastinating and obsessing take over while your nervous system goes haywire.

You’re struggling.

Coping can be challenging.

You turn to uppers, downers for regulation… relationships strain and suffer.

Is this the way it was supposed to be?

How are you holding up right now? Part of you wants help; part of you doesn’t want help.

The right friend or family member could help… if only there were time, availability, and the confidence required to reveal an inner struggle.

You can always just keep going. You tell yourself you can keep up the struggle. And then, another stressor is added…

Academic pursuits are one of life’s transitions.

Reorganizing and restructuring are inherent to the process of growth, including educational growth.

Like most transitions, new experiences, stressors, and capacities in all their benevolence disrupt the life flow and the Self you once knew.

There is no way to anticipate exactly how the academic process you signed up for will transform you. One thing is for certain – you will be impacted.

This is good, right? The change you have invited upon yourself brings abundant opportunities for expansion and success. True.

On the flip side, anxiety, depression, problematic use of substances, and mood disorders are commonly experienced or exacerbated from the stress of performing in an academic setting.

These negative consequences often show up or are exacerbated under the stress of academic pursuits, new social contexts and environments, and your evolving identity.

This is when the right kind of help can make all the difference during this transition.

Counseling can make the transition smoother.

Creating internal stability and balance requires answers.

In the midst of the chaos and benign disruption that come with your new pursuit, have you stopped long enough to consider what you want for yourself?

What kind of student and friend do you want to be?

What aspects of yourself do you want to grow as you build your future?

Counseling helps you find the answers.

Taking the time to connect with yourself, your emotions, challenges, and successes is about grounding and re-orienting.

I can help you deepen your understanding of your struggle to navigate with greater authenticity as you move toward the life that you want for yourself.

I love working with students and am here to help.

Without strategic support, cognitive, social, and emotional restructuring processes can impair even the strongest student’s ability to access their full capacity.

I specialize in getting to the root of troublesome behaviors, challenging emotions, and relational distress. My goal is to support students in accessing their capacity and maximizing personal and academic growth opportunities.

I would be happy to support you. There is no reason to struggle in silence.

Call or text today to get started: (707) 851-0445. Your first phone consultation is free!