Couples Counseling

You found love.

And you found that love, connection, security, flow, and support melt all too easily into pain, distance, instability, and giant obstacles. Loneliness. How is it that relationships go from good to heartbreaking?

It can be super challenging to repair a relationship.

Emotions are too strong or too flat.

Fighting is a problem. Not fighting… avoidance.

Where is the middle road? (And who took the map?!)

Life in today’s complex and challenging world can make the warm, cozy dream of love and connection, of feeling known and supported, elusive.

Exploring and facing how you authentically feel is a good place to start.

Feeling anxious or defensive in your relationship?

Most of us desire a stronger connection and greater intimacy but get stuck somewhere along the way. It is often in a place of conflict, where disconnection between partners can grow.

It’s not easy. Chasing connection runs the risk of losing yourself in pursuit.

Withdrawal feeds disconnection from self and others, and this creates more anxiety and defensiveness.

Not knowing makes healing difficult.

The right information leads to healing.

Couples counseling is an act of caring for each other and the relationship.

It can feel scary to face what is happening. However, the dynamics are happening, whether you choose to face them or not.

Like diagnosing an illness, knowing what is ailing in a relationship supports healing.

You can gather information or proceed unknowingly. (The latter often leads to regret.) The former leads to a positive connection.

Find connection that is lost.

Connection to yourself, your partner, and what exists between you, whether conflict or void, is the focus of couples counseling.

In couples counseling, we explore relational dynamics and emotions in the present moment – where connection or disconnection lives.

The purpose? New insights can be gained about yourself, your partner, and the relational patterns that you both create.

New ways of relating to self and each other can be developed, providing a way for healing and a healthier relationship, together or apart.

You can influence your life and partnership.

Facing relationship challenges increases potential for healing and strengthens capacity for connection and intimacy not only with your partner, but in all your relationships.

No matter the outcome, you and your posterity benefit from the exploration and learning in couples counseling.

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