Individual Therapy

Inner pain and despair can hide behind…

…too much zest, too much sensitivity, too much emotion, and too much concern or obsession for the things about which you care.

Too little zest can result in being too detached, unmotivated, uncaring, isolated, and withdrawn from the things about which you care.

Too little or too much zest leads to an unbalanced life.

Sometimes the zest for life comes and goes as too little or too much with not enough time in balance.

Despair likely lurks underneath the roller coaster, too.

Whether you are doing ‘All the [recommended] Things’ to promote balance or abstaining from trying, living a life of balance can feel inconceivable.

You could carry on the same way. It is possible you’ll fortuitously stumble on your best life tomorrow or the next day. However, inner balance and content is something that most mere mortals must actively create for themselves.

If you would like to connect to your core vitality and the capacity for balance that exists within you, try something different.

Therapy can be an agency for finding balance.

Whether you are experiencing mental illness, general malcontent, or a specific challenge in life, I am here to help you mobilize discomfort and dormancy into Intentional Change.

My role is to support you in accessing your power, in re-connecting with your core capacities, and syncing with your potential.

In short, I am here to help you clear the path to the life experience that is right for you.

The focus is on you.

Individual counseling is all about you, your needs, and defining what you want for yourself.

Individual NARM Therapy supports deeper connection with your authentic self, honors your values and inherent wisdom, and trusts in your capacity to heal.

How? It begins with a supportive relationship, skilled attunement, and curiosity. Together, we explore the core issues disguised behind troublesome behaviors, distress, distorted perceptions, and relationship challenges. These are the things that interfere with what you want in life.

Let’s work on relieving that inner pain and despair.

I am passionate about working with you in a way that enhances internal stability, resilience, personal growth, well-being, and connection.

Together, we work to find that balance that leads to more vibrance, more stable relationships, and stronger community over the long term of your life.

Now is the best time to begin. Call or text (707) 851-0445 to get started with a free 15-minute phone consultation.