Intentional Change

Random searching makes finding the right answers impossible.

Are you frantically searching for something with no clear idea about the goal?

You want solutions, information, and services to resolve the problems driving your Google search?

Boy, are you are good at searching!

However, knowing exactly what the problem is, what is within your control, and which resources are best are much more complicated than the search.

Easier to search for blame on external factors rather than yourself.

It is common to ascribe external blame to our problems and to seek external solutions.

Surely the universe conspired to make your problem exist.

It is common to focus on the people or things that are outside of our sphere of control as the culprit.

Lack of answers to life’s problems leads to frustration.

The list of things to take charge of is long, and one thing bleeds into another.

Each thing we attempt to control that is outside of our true domain reinforces the notion that nothing will really help.

The problem can’t be fixed, nothing will change. Extreme frustration and suffering ensue.

Resolving frustration and suffering requires answers.

While you are reading this webpage, what exactly are you looking to find?

What is it that you really want to be different?

Have you engaged in an internal search to define the conflict from what is in your power to resolve?

Don’t be fooled. When it comes down to it, even imagining exactly what you want for yourself can be a challenge.

Identifying the challenge leads to change.

As you search for answers to these questions, the process of Intentional Change unfolds.

Together, we will work to find those answers.

After you identify what you want for yourself that is in your power or influence of control, I can provide curiosity, exploration, and therapeutic skills to support a deepening of your understanding.

Change requires identifying what is best for you.

The exploration for Intentional Change includes things that are in the way of you living your best life, such as distorted perceptions and beliefs.

Bit by bit, as you are ready, I am here to support you as you let go of patterns of distortion that no longer serve you.

The result? Greater connection. Greater intimacy. Greater capacity to handle life and its challenges. Greater versions of authentic you.

Let’s work together to ask the right questions.

Then, we can find answers that help you change in the right direction, one that leads to a better life.

My approach to clinical counseling supports the transformation of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and relationship challenges into healthy patterns that support you in living your best life.

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