Neuroaffective Relational Model
(NARM®) Therapy

Another type of therapy? Yes.

Here’s the scoop: you can swap your thoughts, meditate, practice kindness, relieve your stress, and relax your body all day long, every day.

However, like pulling persistent weeds, these practices don’t necessarily eradicate the continuously yielding, insidious roots despite Herculean effort.

This is how NARM® Therapy is different. NARM is designed to quell the roots of dysregulation, mood swings, and distorted beliefs.

What is NARM® Therapy?

It is a cutting-edge, effective treatment for developmental or complex trauma that was created by Dr. Laurence Heller.

It is a powerful, top-down and bottom-up approach to psychotherapy that helps address developmental trauma which is often a significant contributor to emotional instability and mental illness.

NARM® Therapy integrates the research and perspectives of interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, relational therapy, somatic therapy, psychodynamic theory, and mindfulness into one comprehensive, effective treatment paradigm.

A heartful approach to psychotherapy.

NARM® Therapy intentionally reconnects people with their hearts. The various forms of developmental trauma affect many people during youth, often resulting in disconnection. Over time, coping with disconnection contributes to anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and chronic emotional and relational distress

NARM® Therapy effectively connects heart, mind, and life. Eliminating incongruences and malalignment between heart, mind, and life cultivates ease and vitality. It’s an antidote to burnout, emotional and relational discomfort.

Individuals with developmental therapy can express mood disorders and chronic emotional and relational distress.

Working through and healing from developmental trauma is imperative for a person’s well-being and emotional health. Such healing requires help from a professional.

HeartMinding, NARM® Therapy for Intentional Change

I have been practicing and studying NARM® Therapy since 2018 (as a student and active NARM® Training Assistant). I have experienced its power in my own life and am committed to continued study and growth so that I can support you in your journey of Intentional Change and transformation.

Ready to transform your discomfort and disconnection?

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