Generally, parenting experiences fall into two categories.

Fix-It Parenting includes a fastidious effort to get it right by reading all the books, blogs, and journals – and listening to every podcast. Parents in this category mostly run out of energy and land in frustration at various times in the journey. Regardless of benign intent, such effort only creates more challenges., resulting in the emergence of less-than-becoming patterns from the past.

Let-It-Be Parenting embraces the belief that kids grow up fine by themselves, as long as there’s a roof, food, and an adult around. Often, this belief is fueled by the observation that today’s youth have it good. What more could they possibly need when they have it so much better than you did?

These two categories oversimplify parenting.

There is so much more to parenting than fixing or letting things be.

Have you considered who you want to be as a parent?

What would you like to make of the precious opportunity?

Answers to these questions require an expansion of the two standard categories of parenting.

You might say, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

Meeting the challenges of parenting lasts for lifetimes.

As the forces of wind, rain, and sun shape the trees and earth, so are we impacted by our children, whether we can see it or not.

Parenting comes with fantastic challenges. Internal challenges are related to who we are as a parent.

External challenges pertain to how we navigate the world around us and best respond to and support our children.

The quest is to identify and become who we want to be as a caregiver, given that reality is not quite what you imagined.

Your childhood influences your parenting style.

It is no small coincidence that we revisit our own wounds from childhood in the process of raising youth in our charge.

However big, deep, or buried the wounds may be, revisiting old injuries offers the opportunity to heal and to transform your own burdens into growth that spans generations.

I believe deeply in this work because it helps shape the next generation.

Broaden your category of parenting.

As a parent and NARM Therapist, I can help you better understand your own experiences to make sense of what is in your heart and mind.

The future of your family is in your hands. Connecting your heart and mind is key to living your life as the parent(s) you want to be.

Therefore, I am here to help you find that reality because small tweaks can make a big difference in parenting. And your family and community and the world will benefit from a child raised well.

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