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Laurie Berson, LCSW & NARM® Master Therapist

As I reflect on what has been most significant in my life journey, it is easily the choice to face challenge. Getting intimate with sources of internal pain and discomfort has yielded rewards. Every time. Rewards of personal growth. Rewards in how much more stable, confident, and settled I am in myself, more often. Rewards of increasing capacity for resilience when facing adversity.

To change the macro, I believe we must also work at the micro-level: internally. When we are disconnected from ourselves, or parts of ourselves, there is suffering. The suffering, no matter how deeply buried, is then reflected in relationships and community.

Laurie berson, LCSW & NARM Master therapist

Connection, Relationships, Community

This work is my passion. My contribution toward making this world a better place. I companion others on their journey into a deeper relationship with themselves. Deepening understanding and connection with self supports greater connection and intimacy with others. Connection, healthy relationships and community support a more vibrant and fulfilling life experience. What could be more valuable?

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“…We are the ones we have been waiting for…” Hopi Prophecy, 2000

Enhance your life journey with NARM® Therapy

I show up for clients with a heartfelt appreciation for the potential impact of NARM. I revere complexities (or symptoms) as venerable truths. Remnants of what it takes to survive in this imperfect world. I hold the possibility for change in the relational structure and skills I continuously cultivate through NARM®. I support connection with self and navigation through difficult internal terrain. From there, deepening understanding and impulses toward healing unfold. I practice being present with what emerges and reinforce what I know to be helpful.


Emotional & Mental Wellness

In contrast, ignoring and enduring thorns in my soul stagnated growth and learning. In hindsight, denying internal conflict and discomfort prolonged and perpetuated internal suffering. As a result, I am a believer of personal growth and transformation. I believe in the power and potential of emotional and mental wellness. I am a believer in accessing agency for one’s own trajectory in life.

I would be remiss to not name the privileges bestowed upon me as a white cis, straight-ish woman in the US. Including increased access to support because of my non-marginalized identities. Nevertheless, I have experienced significant challenges in myself and my relationships across time. I have wrangled with the choice to access support and have made sacrifices to do so. Without accessing support along the way, I am certain I would not have the internal comfort I enjoy today. I would probably still be knotted up inside emotionally. Here, I take credit. I feel well-adjusted and equipped to navigate life’s challenges. This is a direct result of the choice to face internal discomfort and challenge.

My Journey
I spent decades in a state of malalignment between my heart, mind, and life. I have worked ‘under my own hood’ (internally) in pursuit of personal growth for many years. In my 40s, I added a professional degree to continue the study of how to live a more meaningful life.

I believe in the power of deep, intentional work. Not only for ourselves, but for our posterity. A better world requires each of us to do what is in our power. It is up to us to create the change we want in our own lives.

In my journey, NARM Therapy has been the most transformative. It is a big part of how I connect with my own heart, mind and life. I believe in this work for anyone interested in the sacred journey of exploring Self.

NARM® Therapy
I realize that going deep with my pain is exactly what has supported phases of growth and blossoming. The relational experience of allowing someone to know my pain and to let support in has been healing.
I came to be a therapist, and then a NARM therapist, by way of continuing to seek change from discomfort in my own life. Prior to seeking this change, I was unhappy with things that did not feel in line with who I am or what I want for myself. I didn’t yet understand the potential impact I could have on my own experience in life. Now it seems as though intentional change is ever-present.
Since 2018 I have explored NARM Therapy as a student, a client, a therapist and as a NARM training assistant. I can tell you this is challenging work, and gentle at the same time. It is simple and complex. Small and enormous. Completely paradoxical in so many ways. My own internal shifts fuel my fascination and dedication to NARM Therapy. I engage in NARM learning and work from the inside (embodied) and out (cognitive).
NARM Training Assistant

I knew I wanted more NARM learning, as much as I could get, when I was in the Level 2 NARM Therapist training in 2018. Fortunately, I have been able to engage in the invaluable NARM mentorship and advanced learning opportunities as a Training Assistant. I have assisted in Level one & Level two trainings since 2019. In addition to assisting in trainings, I have continued my learning in Levels three & four. It has been the best learning ever. A two-fer: personal learning and growth that parallels professional learning and growth.

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What clients say

Utilizing the counseling services at HeartMinding with Laurie is one of the best decisions I could have made for my mental health. Counseling with Laurie has had a positive impact on my everyday life. She has helped me to better understand where my emotions come from and continues to work with me on becoming more compassionate toward myself. Her kind & understanding approach to counseling makes me feel comfortable when working through difficult life situations. I plan to continue my counseling journey alongside Laurie at HeartMinding, and I look forward to working toward my long-term goal of better mental health and self-improvement.

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