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C-PTSD Therapy

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Complex trauma?

Unease lurks beneath the noise and hustle. Anxiety, stress, depression…

An unsettled stomach murmurs uncertainty: Is this the life I am meant to live? 

A tense neck braces the present moment, a clenched jaw prepares for what is to come. 

Moments of the past replay and project into the future, occupying your mind. And the present moment is – just – gone. 

Pre-occupation clouds judgment. Distorted sense of self and relationships further impair how you experience life. Meanwhile, days, weeks, months, and years go by. You are happy, right? 


You think, “I’ve done all the things.” Over and over, you convince yourself you are happy [enough]. Somewhere inside, a different story unfolds. 

An incongruence between your felt experience and the way you imagine life should be. You cannot quite inhabit your life the way you hope. And you cannot quite put your finger on what or how to change.  

Such is the nature of complex trauma. Adapting to environmental failures during youth supports survival. Most often, it also obstructs vitality. Adaptations that once served a vital role can interfere with vibrant life. What is more, adaptations to adverse experiences and environmental failure are passed between generations.

NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) Therapy

Effective support designed to meet your needs. HeartMinding, NARM® Therapy for Intentional Change. Aligning heart, mind, and life. 

Complex trauma happens within the matrix of relationship to self, others, and environment. Healing relationships to self and others transforms complex trauma. Transformational healing is supported by a therapeutic relationship and NARM Therapy.

Through a supportive relationship, I help you deepen your connection with yourself. I bring curiosity to what it is that you want for yourself and to what is in the way. I confront incongruences, reinforce agency, and create space for what emerges. 

NARM Therapy is about creating choice where you did not know choice was possible. From there, you create the freedom to go in the direction you want and align yourself to get there. 

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NARM Therapy for Intentional Change

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Hi, I’m Laurie

I spent decades in malalignment between my heart, mind, and life. I have worked under my own hood in pursuit of personal growth for many years. In my 40s I added a professional degree to continue the study of how to live a more meaningful life.  

In my journey, NARM Therapy has been the most transformative. It is a big part of how I connect my own heart, mind, and life. I believe in this work for anyone interested in the sacred journey of exploring Self. I would be happy to be your guide. 

I believe in the power of deep, intentional work. Not only for ourselves, but for our posterity. A better world requires each of us to do what is in our power. It is up to us to create the change we want in our own lives. 

NARM Therapy transforms lives, improves relationships, and supports social change. What could be more valuable? 


Transforming trauma is not a luxury. It is necessary to create a better world.

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