Where are you located?

HeartMinding, PLLC is in Austin, Texas.

Because we are operating exclusively online during the COVID pandemic, we are available anywhere in Texas.

All you need is the Internet, a computer with a camera or smartphone, and a calm space where you can settle in and focus.

How do I reach you?

You can text or call me at (707) 851-0445. Alternatively, you can email me at laurie@heartmindingatx.com.

How long are therapy sessions?
The initial therapy session is 1 hour. Single sessions are 1 hour, and recurring therapy sessions are 50 minutes.
What is the cancellation policy?
I require a 24-hour notice to avoid full session fees.
Who is appropriate for HeartMinding-Therapy for Intentional Change?

People who are ready to make a change. People in search of a new way to experience themselves in their life.

I work with individuals 18 years and older, couples (people in a relationship together), college students, and graduate students 18 years and older.

The scope of this practice may or may not be appropriate for adolescents younger than 18. Let’s talk to find out!

I am also LGBTQIA+ friendly. I am a cisgender, white, heterosexual woman open to working with anyone for whom my skills can ethically serve, regardless of ability, size, race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual preference, or religious identity.

How do I get started?

First, schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation (call, text, or use website form to request an initial consultation). This consultation provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and for me to learn about what your needs are and if my services are a good fit to meet your needs.

Second, schedule an initial assessment/appointment. Once we have determined that working together is a mutual fit, we will schedule an initial appointment. This can be done during the free phone consultation, in a follow-up communication, or by requesting an appointment.

Third, complete the intake paperwork. When you are ready to schedule, I will need an email address to send a link to a HIPPA-secure portal where you can complete the required documents.

Fourth, show up for scheduled appointments online via Zoom. Please have a quiet space available that has Internet access.

Why do I feel so damn crappy?
I don’t know, but you have the answers somewhere. I am trained to help you figure it out!
How do I be a good client or ‘do well’ in therapy?
It’s all about showing up for yourself. If you are curious about this question, come see me!
What if I’m not a good client?
Not a problem, I don’t need you to be any certain way. The policies and procedures define my boundaries and commitment needs (available in detail once we get started). I work with who you are right now and with what is in the way of what you want. This is about your needs, not about me needing you be a good client.
What if I don’t know the answer to the questions?
Not a problem. It’s not really about the answers. The value is in the exploration.
What if I don’t know what I want for myself?
Considering this question is a great place to start! I will help you figure it out, with great patience and compassion. (Another good reason to reach out.)
Will it be uncomfortable?

Sometimes. Like all emotions, discomfort is communicating something.

I have practice and skills in helping you understand discomfort, which most often brings more comfort.

How many more sessions do you recommend? How long will it take?

Sometimes, a single session is all someone wants for the moment. It can be helpful during an acute period of heightened distress.

Weekly therapy is the most beneficial way to start; sometimes a cluster of sessions is just what is needed to sort out an issue or new development.

Longer-term weekly to monthly therapy is ideal for chronic mental health concerns or to maintain self-care and balance in life.