Creating change can be a challenge.

Not making a change has become too unbearable. Clearly, not initiating some change equals more of the same… discomfort.

Perhaps you continue to contemplate what to do to create change while an inner impulse seeks out effective action. But what action?

The questions of how, where, with whom, and what might be lingering in your mind. Perhaps exploring how to go about change is exactly what brought you to read these words at this moment.


Here’s what it is like to work with me.

I offer a warm hello, soft gaze, and easy stillness that invite connection. My nervous system cues yours of the option to settle, if you want to. My presence and attunement convey curiosity and acceptance.

Before long, I ask, “What do you hope to have for yourself from engaging in this therapy?” Sometimes, that question is the hardest. No worries, it deserves all the time and attention it needs. What you want for yourself is where I work with you. Not just thoughts/perceptions and behaviors, but what’s driving the things that are in the way of what you want.

Once we are clear about what you want for yourself, I inquire about all things related to your wish. Sometimes, I will confront you in the interest of staying on target with your wish or in service of going to a deeper place of understanding.

My questions and approach are designed to help you know yourself better. I orient to you and help you facilitate your ability to connect your own dots to light up your very own constellation so that it shines more clearly internally.

Knowing yourself more deeply breathes more space for choice in your life. Choice breeds freedom and power. How does that sound?

Right now, in the time of COVID, sessions are through telehealth. I find this surprisingly effective and had used telehealth in my work long before COVID demanded it.

Hello, I’m Laurie, a NARM therapist.

I am fascinated by the power of lasting change that comes from intentional, deep work.

After many years pursuing my own personal growth, I redirected my professional journey with an MSSW from The University of Texas at Austin. I chose the career of clinical social work because it aligns with my values, allows me to continuously pursue knowledge about how to live a more meaningful life, and provides a structure from which I can share information professionally.

Working with adults, adolescent individuals, and couples in therapy brings me joy. I am a NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model) Therapist and an active NARM Training Assistant. In addition, I provide NARM experiential sessions for therapists.

My family life consists of engaging as a curious, mindful parent and partner. I maintain and re-balance my life through time with family, friends, and mentors, as well as through nature walks with my dogs, cooking, and yoga.

Pronouns: she, her, hers